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Our Priorities

  • Affordable Housing. Removing barriers that stand in the way of our neighbors and their ability to find safe, decent, affordable housing by seeking innovative solutions to our housing crisis.
  • Accountability & Transparency. Foster a culture of responsibility and openness in how our City is managed by listening to all residents and responding to what our community values.
  • Education & Workforce Development. Focus on funding qualified city students to attend PVCC and grow our own workforce for the 21st Century economy while supporting our youth through collaboration with city resources.
  • Environmental Sustainability. Protecting our green spaces for public use and supporting mindful growth that has a form and function which puts environmental impact and quality of life front and center.
  • Transportation & Infrastructure. Creating and supporting accessible, reliable modes of moving through Charlottesville to provide access to the entire city for all of our residents – whether they walk, bike, drive, or ride.


Paid for by Charlottesville Democratic Committee. Authorized by the Candidates